Fostering the future of finance.

Welcome to Saitama, a community driven platform promoting financial well-being by empowering people of all ages and cultures to be in control of their money and create their own wealth opportunities. The $SAITAMA token is our medium, it was built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) with a smart code that makes it safe to invest and beneficial to hold.


To educate the next generation of investors and make financial well-being accessible to all.

Although digital currencies have been around for over a decade, we are still at an early stage of a monetary revolution that will reorganize our society, redistributing wealth and giving anyone a chance to attain financial freedom.

The bulk of the next generation of investors is yet to join, but for global decentralized finance to become a reality they will need not only to overcome technological hurdles but to simply understand how money works. This is where SAITAMA comes in, providing tools and content that make people comfortable with money while they invest, opening unprecedented opportunities for wealth creation.


The $SAITAMA Token

Our token had a fair launch on the Ethereum (ERC-20) network on 31st of May of 2021. It is a medium for transactions and a monetary system on its own, with a smart coding that benefits loyal holders with rewards and protection from whales (big wallet holders) toxic actions.

Passive Income System
2% of every transaction with $SAITAMA is deducted and redistributed to our pool of holders. It means that just by holding it you will see the number of tokens increasing automatically everyday as the community transacts.

Deflationary Currency
An additional 2% of the amount of all transactions is taken out of circulation, meaning that our token supply is constantly shrinking and making your $SAITAMA increase in value with time. We have already started with 49% of the supply burned.

Anti-Whale Trap
Everyone is expected to make profit but we want profit to be for everyone. $SAITAMA is coded in a way that prevents big wallet holders (whales) from trying to manipulate the price in their favour or from dumping the token by selling out.



Holders 365,681
Volume 6,572,164
Fully Diluted Market Cap $327,300,000.00

Saitama price trend 24h



A smart wallet that revolutionises the cryptocurrency market by solving fundamental problems in decentralized finance, allowing investors from any level to be in control of their wealth.

New investors normally have to go through several steps, especially when buying new coins that are not yet listed in exchanges. They often feel discouraged from starting in decentralized finance (DeFi) and eventually forced to turn to intermediates or centralized operators (CeFi) where they are more limited and subject to private interests and higher taxes.

SaitaMask solves this problem by being a one stop shop where you can connect your payment system of choice and be able to buy, sell, swap, transfer and do whatever you need with any coin without leaving the mobile app. You will also be able to analyse your investments using multiple tools that help to make decisions and keep track of your Saitama rewards.

SaitaMask will also serve as a hub connecting users to the Saitama Edutainment platform, meaning they will be learning about finance and improving their skills while investing. The SaitaMask will also be connected to SaitaMaker and SaitaMarket, helping users to buy and sell items with crypto inside the app.


The Saitama Platform


A new approach to NFT, the SaitaMaker is a launchpad platform that will allow users of SaitaMask to create, launch and promote their projects, as well as trade property related to them using the $SAITAMA monetary system. Please join us in our channels for updates.


One thing that sets Saitama apart from other crypto initiatives is having content at the core of our business. We are currently developing a multi-channel platform that will educate people on how to save, invest, manage money and create wealth opportunities while entertaining our community. Besides developing proprietary content, #SaitaEdu will be a community operated business where anyone that is a content creator can profit from sharing their talent and knowledge about finance. Please join us in our channels for updates.


One of the challenges with decentralized finance right now is the difficulty to take your tokens out to use in everyday needs. The SaitaMarket is a marketplace inside SaitaMask.


Reading the whitepaper should be prioritized before investing in a project. That's why we dedicated time creating this document, which has been reviewed by regulators, third-party audit firms and advisors, that includes legal and industry experts.


DeFi Purchase

The best way to purchase the $SAITAMA Token, before SaitaMask is launched, is connecting a digital wallet to Uniswap, a popular decentralized trading platform where our liquidity is locked until May 2022. If you are new to crypto or to Uniswap, follow our step-by-step instructions below and connect your wallet directly through our website for simple ease of use.

CeFi Purchase

As we keep growing, $SAITAMA is also being listed in new exchanges of all sizes and regions. At the moment you can buy our token in the exchanges listed below. Please check back and follow our channels from updates in new listings.


$SAITAMA Contract

As we grow popular and gain more visibility, people acting in bad faith might create scam copies to deceive you into buying the wrong token. Please make sure you copy and paste the correct contract below when adding the token to your ETH wallet and when purchasing $SAITAMA on Uniswap.



Uniswap Step-By-Step

Create a Wallet and Buy ETH

Register an ETH account on Trust Wallet, MetaMask or Coinbase. You can an existent wallet if you prefer. You will need ETH to buy $SAITAMA on Uniswap. Start by buying some ETH from exchanges (like Binance or Coinbase) or from third-party providers in your wallet. Once purchased, transfer the ETH to your Wallet. Please keep in mind you will need to leave an amount of ETH for the gas tax when swapping.

Connect Your Wallet

Connect your ETH wallet to Uniswap using the widget below or directly on their website. Click to allow Uniswap to import the $SAITAMA contract when prompted. Alternatively you can import it manually (copy address). When connecting your wallet choose the correct protocol used by your wallet - i.e. Wallet Connect for Trust Wallet, or MetaMask for Meta Mask, and confirm the connection in your wallet app.

Adjust Uniswap Settings

On Uniswap, when prompted with a 'No Liquidity' message, click on "Trade Using V2". Click on the cogwheel icon on the upper right corner and set the Slippage tolerance between 5-10%. This is important to keep your transaction from being overrun by other orders.


Enter the amount you wanna buy leaving some for the Ethereum network gas tax. Click to swap and approve the transaction on your wallet app. After a few minutes your $SAITAMA balance should be showing in your wallet. If not, go to "Add Token" and paste our contract address (copy address).


We believe transparency is a key factor for the success and longevity of our project and therefore we are committed to a series of measures aimed at making Saitama the most transparent project in the alt-crypto market.


The Team

Saitama is a community owned startup business that is run by our pool of holders. However as we began to grow, a group of investors capacitated in their areas of expertise stepped up to help organize and lead the pack. Currently we are a team of over 40 passionate people developing the business for the community, and one of the first measures we took towards transparency was making our leaders visible and accessible. You will have the opportunity to meet them and chat with them in our weekly live AMAs, catch up with them in our groups in Telegram and Discord, and watch their interviews on multiple channels.

Click on pictures to learn more about them.



To ensure the security of our community, our contract has been audited by a third party company. Please read the report here.

Anti-FUD Central

To keep our project and our community safe, and our commitment to transparency, our team is developing an Anti-FUD Central where we aim to catalog all wrong information that can be a potential threat to Saitama holders and to offer proof that debunks every false claim. While our Anti-FUD Central is under development, you can attend our weekly AMAs on Fridays in our Telegram channel to hear our team quashing FUD live. Bring 'em on!

Supply And Liquidity

We already started with 49% of the tokens burned, and are automatically burning more with every transaction. All burned tokens are sent to a dead wallet that is locked and unaccessible permanently. You can check the wallet and track the percentage of the supply burned here. Initial liquidity of 4% was locked on Uniswap for 6 months, and recently renewed for another 6 months until May 2022.


Current Distribution of Tokens

The Wolfpack

The Saitama community calls itself The Wolfpack (#SaitamaWolfpack). We are a warm, transparent and supportive community, and are currently present in most platforms with moderators in multiple languages who are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As the project grows, new channels in different languages are being created. You are more than welcome to join us.


NFTs For sale in

Buyers have the chance to hold exclusive assets that are expected to increase in value with time, and at the same time their purchases are helping us leverage our marketing efforts to sustain the growth of our community and value of our token. All the proceedings go to our marketing fund.

Caution : We have been targeted by scammers who copy and sell our NFT in identical copycat stores. Those are counterfeit and have no art value. Only buy items listed on this site or pre-approved items and please report any fraudulent activity. If you are in doubt, compare the NFT contract of your assets with the ones listed here or feel free to reach out to a dev.


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