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How To Buy Crypto Using Your Credit Card On SaitaPro

Buying your first tokens and starting in crypto has become a simple task with the integration on SaitaPro. To buy the Saitama token before, you needed to send Ethereum tokens to your wallet first and then swap it for Saitama using the Swap function. Now everything you need is a Credit Card and a tap on the Buy button on SaitaPro.

Watch the tutorial video below to help guiding you through your first steps. 

Please note that will need to verify your identity to comply with regulations in your region. After finalising the purchase you can check the transaction history on SaitaPro, the funds will be immediately added to your wallet and the transaction confirmation can be viewed in the blockchain. is a new revolutionary Credit Card payment system based in Dubai and available in over 190 countries. It makes the process of purchasing crypto not only quicker but safer by ensuring KYC and AML of the users and 3D secure and 2factor authentication on every transaction helping to comply with local regulations. The data collected by is managed by the parter and not stored by Saitama or SaitaPro. If the system is not available in your region yet make sure to check back for future updates.