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& Aspirational

  • Reached 7.5 Billion USD marketcap at ATH without major exchange listings.
  • Matured into a community of approx. 200,000 holders organically.
  • Named 'Most Transparent Project' by Crypto Expo Dubai in 2022.
  • Grew our collective social media outlets to 600K+ followers.
  • Remained socially conscious and hosted over 15 charitable events in our first year.
  • Redesigned the Saitama logo and brand to complement the evolution of the token.
Phase 01 (Live Now)
  • SaitaPro Launch
  • FANG Beta Launch
  • V2 of SaitaRealty
  • New Exchange Listings
  • Redesign of SaitaRealty brand
Phase 02 (Coming Soon)
  • Utility Adoption
  • Partnership with Governments
  • Saitama BNB Bridge
  • Wolfcaster Game Launch
  • SaitaRealty, Asset Acquisition
  • 500K Holders
Phase 03 (Coming Later)
  • Launch of SaitaChain
    (our Blockchain)
  • SaitaCity (Saitama
    powered Metaverse)