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How to Buy the
Saitama Token

Buy Saitama Tokens
Using SaitaSwap

SaitaSwap, our decentralized exchange, is the best place to buy Saitama tokens. To use it, install our free SaitaPro App for Android (download here), and for iOS (download here). Or alternatively access ( and connect your preferred DeFi Wallet. Soon you will also be able to use Credit and Debit cards to buy Saitama tokens using fiat currency.


Get ETHEREUM on your SaitaPro Wallet App or connect your wallet on SaitaSwap Web. Don’t forget to have enough ETH to cover the Ethereum Network gas fee.


Go to Swap and select Saitama as the Token you want to Swap and set Slippage Tolerance to 5%.


Now set up the value of ETH you want, confirm and submit the transaction. Then you can check the status on Etherscan.

Buy on

Saitama is listed on a number of exchanges making it available in most parts of the world. We will continue to add new exchanges.