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New Listing: ‘Shaman Token’ Starts Trading

New Listing: 'Shaman Token' Starts Trading

Shaman Token (@Shamanethtoken) is an ERC20 (Ethereum) token whose team is developing a decentralized Swap, a Staking platform, a collection of NFTs and a high definition play-to-earn and burn game, according to their website. 

Developers: Shaman Token is developed by Tony (@riseoftheshaman) and Mike (@ball13).

Circulating supply: tokens (50 Quadrillion)


Total Buy / Sell: 10%
LP: 1%
Reflection: 2%
Auto Buy Back: 3%
Marketing: 3%
Development: 1%

Read the Whitepaper

View Etherscan

How to Buy Shaman Token:

1) Click on the ‘Swap‘ button in your SaitaPro home screen, or go to in your web browser and connect a wallet.
2) Search for ‘ETH‘ and ‘Shaman‘ tokens in the drop down menus.
3) Adjust slippage in the cogwheel ‘Options‘ menu to a minimum number that works for the transaction to go through.
4) Enter the amount you want to swap.
5) Check if everything is correct and the click on the ‘Swap‘ button.

DISCLAIMER: as always, do your own research before trading any crypto assets like Shaman Token. We advise you to check the online communities, the background of the project and its developers and read the official documentation to decide if you agree with their vision. Saitama nor any individual associated with it do not provide financial advice. Keep in mind the high volatility of crypto trading and the market circles and trade at your own responsibility.