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New Listing: SLAKE wants to revolutionize food delivery through DeFi

New Listing: SLAKE wants to revolutionize food delivery through DeFi

Slake ( is a token-powered project with an ambitious plan to redefine the food service tech, an industry that has seen exponential growth in the last few years. According to the developers, Slake will disrupt food delivery by introducing a native blockchain-based ecosystem of apps that can tackle ordering, payment processing, loyalty rewards and reservations. 

Slake has also recently announced support to the Saitama Hyperburn initiative, where SaitaPro partner tokens commit to a regular donation to buy back and burn Saitama. We spoke to Slake’s CEO Nelson Cruz about their vision for the project and DeFi.

SAITAMA: Hello Nelson and Slake team, and welcome to SaitaPro. We are curious about who you are and how your team came together.

NELSON: First off, thanks for taking the time to support and work with us. We’re really excited about this partnership and where it will take us! As the CEO, I was very selective on who to bring on as founders. Jade is a devoted member of Saitama with an experience in hospitality —her passion is what I was looking for to help take our project to the next level. When I met Ian, our CMO, he told me he’s worked in the high-tech industry running marketing and design teams, and I knew he was exactly who we needed to generate interest and create a strong brand image. Sylvain, our CTO, has solid experience working for IBM and developing blockchains. He is the icing on the cake. We’re all 110% dedicated to this project, working extra hours and sleepless nights to try and make Slake successful. How did we come together? Well, the majority of the team met at the Saitama launch event in Las Vegas! We all saw a need in the food service tech industry, and believed it could be eased through the adoption of crypto and Web3. Ironic how that works and how we’re all back here!

SAITAMA: We love when new ideas are born in our community! And this is a good insight. As we know, global food delivery has grown exponentially when the pandemic started, but the industry is known to have several problems. What gaps did you see in this market that sparked the idea to create Slake?

NELSON: Since the pandemic, people have gotten accustomed to convenience. And food delivery is only going to grow worldwide. We see a couple gaps that need to be addressed to make it more sustainable. First is high transaction fees on competitor platforms. There has to be a better way to simplify and reduce the fees being charged. Second are high customer acquisition costs. Many competitors aren’t profitable because they charge lower fees (yes, lower fees) to attract new customers and be more competitive. Slake will be more strategic in selecting initial markets, and use innovative technologies to permanently reduce costs to drive customer acquisition. Third is delivery drivers are complaining they don’t feel valued. Slake plans to offer incentives and rewards to partly address this. Lastly, the other gap we see is the lack of app diversity and Web3 integration. Slake plans to have a Web3 app that offers food ordering, food delivery, payments, reservations, loyalty, rewards, and more. These services will provide multiple streams of income.

SAITAMA: When you speak about the lack of Web3 integration, how do you think DeFi and the blockchain can help making life better for delivery app customers, vendors and couriers? 

NELSON: Slake aims to redefine this industry through simplified methods of doing business via an optimized blockchain with a suite of apps, eliminating multiple layers of transactions to reduce fees, enabling faster and more accurate records, incentivizing and rewarding delivery drivers and staff, placing reservations on the blockchain, accepting gratuities, and processing payments using cryptocurrency, with $SLAKE being preferred.

SAITAMA: DeFi is here to stay, and it’s exciting to think all this is just starting… Do you see Slake being a gateway to DeFi for your customers?

NELSON: DeFi, blockchains, and Web3 are the future. Every single day, more and more large corporations are starting to adopt elements of it. It’s universal and primarily under the control of the holder, no matter where you are in the world, so there’s less chance of having to deal with regulatory agencies. Food and crypto aren’t usually associated with each other, but we plan to change that. For many in the food industry, Slake may very well be their first involvement in crypto. 

SAITAMA: What changes in the industry and in the mindset of stakeholders need to happen for the mass adoption of solutions like Slake is proposing?

NELSON: Slake will change the way the food service tech industry conducts business. On the front end, it will remain fairly the same as it is now. But on the backend, it will be more simplified and streamlined with the Slake blockchain. The mindset of stakeholders needs to move more towards crypto and DeFi, as the use case and utility provide lower costs, efficiency, security, and reliability.

SAITAMA: Your tokenomics look smart and complex at the same time. How would you explain them in a simple way to first time users that start in DeFi through Slake? 

NELSON: Our tokenomics are in place to support the long term goals of the business. Many of our wallets, as well as the liquidity, are locked, which means they’re reserved for use in the future and less likely to affect the price early on. Our taxes are fair, at about 10% for buys, and 14% for sells. The latter will change to 10% on September 27th. These taxes support efforts to market the token appropriately and support development of our infrastructure. 

SAITAMA: To us, transparency is rule number #1 in DeFi.

NELSON: There are a lot of scams that give crypto and DeFi a bad name, with crooks running off with funds and liquidity. The Slake team is doxxed or publicly identified to provide more credibility. You know who we are and we’re transparent around exactly what we’re doing. We take this seriously and we want our holders to understand that.  

SAITAMA: And where do you see Slake in five years from now? What will the food delivery market look like?

NELSON: We envision Slake to be a well-known brand and player in the food service tech industry in the next couple years. The adoption of crypto is inevitable and will only play a bigger role as decentralization gains more interest. With food delivery demand only increasing, the Slake blockchain and app ecosystem will play a key role in payment processing, speed, reservations, rewards, and more. There will be competitors, and they will force us to innovate and be even stronger and more unique. 

SAITAMA: Speaking of uniqueness. If Slake was a plate of food, what would it be like and how would it be served?

NELSON: A fresh, handmade, wood-fired oven cooked cheese pizza. Who doesn’t like pizza? It appeals to practically everyone, accommodates everyone, satisfies cravings any time of the day, tastes delicious, and can be customized with the toppings of your choice. 

SAITAMA: Can’t go wrong with that one. 

NELSON: It’s made with care and precision, with a variety of flavors…

SAITAMA: We’re stoked to hear you’ve joined the Saitma Hyperburn initiative and are donating part of your marketing for Saitama buybacks and burn! Anything you want to add to the SaitaPro users and the Saitama community?

NELSON: Thank you, Wolfpack, for all the support thus far! This Saitama community is so strong and positive. We’re in this together and only getting started! Slake aims to make a mark in the crypto space as one of the pioneers who bring food service tech and crypto together. Thank you to our holders for joining us on this great journey. 

SAITAMA: Thank you.

How To Buy SLAKE

1) Tap on the “Swap” button in your SaitaPro home screen or go to in your web browser and connect a DeFi wallet.

2) Search for ‘ETH’ and ‘SLAKE’ tokens in the drop-down menus.

3) Adjust slippage in the cogwheel ‘Options’ menu to a minimum number that works for the transaction to go through.

4) Enter the amount you want to swap.

5) Check if everything is correct and the click on the “Swap” button.

IMPORTANT: as always, do your own research (DYOR) before trading any crypto assets like SLAKE. Check the online communities, the background of the project and developers and read the official documentation to understand if you agree with their vision. Saitama does not provide financial advice. Keep in mind the high volatility of crypto and its market cycles and trade at your own responsibility.




Developers: Slake team

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